Yes, Yes, we get it! Why create a focal point when the couple should be it. We know what you’re thinking, but the truth is, focal points for decor are a must when it comes to any celebration, not just weddings.

Focal points are a wonderful way of drawing the attention of your guests to one or a few central areas in a room. If done properly, the focal point is an opportunity for the couple to share their story (thus allowing themselves to still remain the center of attention), or it can communicate the theme of the evening.


This is a wonderful example of one of our creations. There are many different elements at work here: religious, nature, structural elements, lighting and color. Together it all makes a statement, communicating the blissful love, and union the couple both experience.

A backdrop which incorporates so many different elements begs to be noticed, and it allows your theme to flow throughout the night. Let’s not forget to mention, the wonderful photo opportunities that probably would come of this as well.

Statement Cruiser Tables

Cruiser table are not just for food. If done properly and strategically, they can be another decor element that can become a focal point for your guests. Many assume that the actual room in which everyone is seated should include focal points, but we differ on that. We like to have curated focal elements from the night’s decor theme trickle itself throughout all rooms and areas which the guests will experience.

This example shows how cruiser tables in a welcome area allow guests to experience your night, before it even begins. That’s a win in our books!