The first look, the first feel, the first photo opportunity and first feeling are just as crucial for your guests as they are for the couple getting married. What your guests first interact with, see and feel is going to set the tone for their experience for the rest of the night. Why not give them something to marvel at, right?

Here are some tips from our past creations that will give you an idea of what we are talking about. Apply the concepts to your next day and let us know how it went.

Grand, Green, Ganesha

Make sure your entryway for your guests is grand. Make it over the top – event if what they experience later is subdued, its important to just greet them with a BANG so they get excited for the celebration.

Using greenery is always pleasing to the eye. Greens are part of nature and always evoke a feeling of groundedness which is important as it will give the undercurrent of pleasure to whatever greets your guests later.

Ganesha is specific to the Hindu religion. In this case, we were doing the decor for a Hindu wedding celebration where Ganesha holds great significance. He is the god that is prayed to before all the others, and is considered one that blesses the path and removes obstacles at the start of any new journey. By greeting your guests with something so personal, and something that allows them to feel a part of your story and the celebration is very important. Your guests become invested.

Enter a fairytale

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – fairy tales are something EVERYONE enjoys, no matter the age or gender. The picture below is a great example of giving your guests a reason to just step into the storybook evening that you will create for them. Not only do all these decor elements together create a grandeur that cannot be ignored, but it immediately lets your guests marvel at your event all night long. The impact will be timeless.