Celebrations are a time to enjoy quality time with loved ones – and they are always a good excuse to be over the top with your color choices and preferences.

Mix up the colors & be playful 

Many tend to opt for a color theme that only works with a few selections. Our suggestion is to blow it out of the park, and let your creativity inspire you to play with all the colors of your choosing. Truth be told, any theme can involve more than the typical 3-4 colors. In the example below, we created a beautiful ambience that was meant to bring in a cultural touch. This allowed us to really dig deep and bring about all the colors associated with the traditional South Asian culture and heritage. We chose elegant gold as an anchor color to tie in everything together without being too chaotic to the eyes.

The result? Something cute, and colorful! Your thoughts?

Add cultural flair

This is where you can have a lot of fun with your event decor. Earlier, in this blog post, we referred to culture and heritage – both of which are the perfect foundations for inspiration when it comes to color. The example below is specific to the South Asian culture, but the truth is, every culture has a rich tapestry of color – it’s just a matter of choosing what works for you.

This is where event companies and decor expertise comes into play. Working with the right creative team will allow you to tap into any given culture and draw out the elements that you want at play during your celebration. Once you narrow down your choices, you can end up with a wide variety of color elements that can brighten up any day. The more, the merrier.