Adding a touch of whimsical is quite the trend at the moment. It evokes a fairy tale setting, a prince, a princess, a castle, lots of flowers and touches of innocence throughout. We also think of a magic forest and a floral garden – but seeing that we’re now at the end of October and heading into the winter, a whimsical wedding seems almost impossible. Right?! Wrong.

While the winter snow storms are soon upon us, planning your next whimsical occasion can be quite easy. Here are a few ideas that you can easily incorporate into your decor to give it that fairy tale touch.


Long, flowing fabrics are quite easy to incorporate into any theme. While many will immediately think of a table setting with linens, we suggest bringing draped fabrics into a focal point for your guests.

The example here is a mandap (a traditional tent seen at South Asian Hindu weddings). The bride and groom get married in the mandap, so you know all the attention will be pointed here. With draped fabrics falling off the structure and out to the sides, we immediately create a dramatic feel. The crown of florals at the top of the mandap completes the fairy tale look. Perfect for a Prince and Princess.

Bring the outdoors in. 

So, it’s colder out right now, we know that, but don’t let that stop you! Bring the whimsical parts of nature into your decor has long been a tradition when it comes to wedding and event decor.

Below is the perfect example of what we consider to be part of a whimsical set-up. A tree from that fairy tale forest we have been talking about, perfectly draped in different shades of purple. In this case, the tree is draped with these florals and some greenery as well.